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What are the ages and team breakdowns for youth lacrosse?

Youth Lacrosse runs by school grade first and then by date of birth. All players must be the listed age or younger on August 31st preceding competition. For example a 14U player is in 7th or 8th grade AND was 14 (or younger) on August 31, 2023 to be eligible for the spring 2024 season. 

14U: Grades 7-8

12U: Grades 5-6

10U: Grades 3-4

8U: Grades 1-2

What is the cost to register for a spring lacrosse season?

There are three fees for spring lacrosse:

  1. Hopkinton Lacrosse Club Registration: $140 (10U-14U) or $75 (8U only)
  2. USA Lacrosse Membership: $35
  3. Uniform Fee: $70

Registration for spring lacrosse is $140 for all players 3rd grade - 8th grade (10U-14U).  If you are registering a child in 1st or 2nd grade (8U) the fee is $75. This fee covers our club expenses throughout the season such as indoor field space, field painting and equipment, game officials, insurance, NHYLA registration fees, and scholarships. Your athlete will receive more than 15 hours of coaching from certified USA Lacrosse coaches, and at least 8 NHYLA scheduled games and the opportunity to participate in the statewide NHYLA Festival.  

All players will be required to wear a Hopkinton Lacrosse Club uniform, which includes HLC jersey and HLC shorts/skort. The 2024 HLC uniform kit will cost $70 and is a fee separate from the registration fee. If your player is in 3rd grade or older and did not already purchase a uniform, or needs a new uniform, they will need to purchase one. Players can use the same uniform year after year as long as it fits.  We provide uniforms for 1st and 2nd grade players (8U). If your player is in 2nd grade or younger you will not need to purchase a uniform.

For households registering more than one player, there is a $15 discount by using the code 2024FAMILY during registration.

Is there a family discount if I have more than one child who plays lacrosse?

Yes.  Families with more than one lacrosse player will receive a discount of $15 provided all family players are registered during the same registration session on the HLC website. Please use code 2024FAMILY to access the discount.

Why is it important I register my child on time? What happens if I miss the deadline?

Registering before the deadline is the single best thing you can do for the program and your athlete.

The club works with a first come, first rostered process for registration and each age group and team has a minimum -maximum range for registration. If registration doesn't hit the minimum we will not be able to field a team for the season. Once the registration numbers hit the maximum of the range the registration for that team will close.

Early registration ensures your athlete a spot and it allows the club to assign coaches, register teams with NHYLA, and order uniforms and equipment in time to have everything in-hand prior to the first game.     

If you don't register on time we can not promise a spot for your athlete. If there are still spots open on the team and you register after the deadline you will be charged a late fee of $25. 

Will I be provided a uniform?

All 1st - 2nd grade (8U) players will be provided a uniform at no cost, but will return it to the club at the end of the season. 10U, 12U and 14U players purchase and own their uniforms. There is a $70 fee for the full uniform kit and this will be their uniform and number for the duration of their years playing with HLC, even as they progress through older divisions.  

Stick Rental and Other Equipment

Purchasing new equipment when you're not yet sure if your child is going to play a sport for multiple years can be a large investment. The good news is that many of the equipment purchases you made for lacrosse will useable for multiple years, however, that initial investment feels like a lot. As a club, we've come up with a few ways to help! 

  1. Check out our stick rental program. We offer high quality sticks perfect for new players. $25 for the season with an option to buy it outright at the end of the season if you're interested in keeping it. 
  2. Check out our club used equipment stash! Contact Julie Zapton to see what equipment is available and how to pick it up.
  3. Shop for new equipment during the NHYLA Lacrosse Discount Weekend at Dicks Sporting Goods for 20% off your purchase. Dates will be posted shortly.

What kind of equipment does my child need?

All equipment must meet current safety standards and you can find those standards at USA Lacrosse

For girls the following equipment is required:

  • stick
  • approved goggles
  • mouthguard
  • cleats (optional but recommended)
  • gloves (optional but recommended for early season)

For boys the following equipment is required:

  • stick
  • NOCSAE compliant helmet (white)
  • NOCSAE ND200 compliant shoulder/chest protector
  • elbow pads
  • gloves
  • protective cup
  • mouthguard
  • cleats (optional but recommended)
  • rib pads (optional)

When and where will the teams hold practice?

Each coaching team will determine the appropriate practice schedule for their athletes. Practices will begin in early March and might be less consistent at first based on field conditions and available space. Practices in early March are likely to be indoors at NEC Field House or outside on turf fields we are able to gain access to. 

By April, teams will be practicing outside and coaches will elect to practice two or three days a week.  Coaches will reach out to confirm days, times, and locations.  

Once we are outside we use the fields at Houston Park. The weather plays a big part in early season field assignments so coaches will communicate directly with you regarding practice locations and times.  

When and where will games be held?

Hopkinton Lacrosse Club will play at least 8 league games and may have the opportunity to supplement their season with additional "scrimmages" against other town teams.

The first game will be on Sunday, April 7, 2024. All scheduled games are on Sundays except for rare occasions when a game is rescheduled.

Game Sundays include: April 14, 21, 28 - May 5, 12, 19 - June 2.

Typically we can count on at 3-4 games on home fields and 3-4 games away. Final schedules with times and locations won't be available until April 1st.

The club will also participate in one early season tournament, likely at the end of March, and the NHYLA Festival Tournament at the end of the season during the weekend of June 8-9.        

Are there scholarships available for families who need assistance with the cost of registration?

Yes.  Please contact to discuss with a member of the board of directors.  Our goal is to make sure every child interested in lacrosse has the opportunity to play, regardless of their families' financial situation.   All inquiries will be kept confidential.

Why do I need to become a member of USA Lacrosse? What is the benefit?

The primary benefit is that USA Lacrosse will insure all members under their general liability policy provided all players in Hopkinton are members. Other benefits include: instructional videos and player development resources, access to game rules and game play information, discounts on equipment and lacrosse related events/games, and a free subscription to Lacrosse Magazine.  It's important to note that you will not be able to register for spring lacrosse unless you've obtained a USA Lacrosse membership number.  There is a link on the registration page so you can quickly register and then continue with the registration page. Annual price of membership is $35.    

Where can I purchase the necessary equipment?

There are several local options for purchasing lacrosse equipment:

  • Dicks Sporting Goods in Concord (Club discount available on specific days in March & April)
  • Monkey Sports in Derry

There are also many online lacrosse specialty sites such as:

What are the requirements to be a coach for HLC? What is the coaching philosophy of HLC?

Several of the HLC coaches were collegiate lacrosse players and have been coaching lacrosse for many years.  All coaches of HLC are required to be at least a Level 1-certified coach by USA Lacrosse.  This includes several hours of online and on-field instruction held by officials from USA Lacrosse.  It also includes certification by The Positive Coaching Alliance, a sport-agnostic organization committed to helping coaches provide the most rewarding experience for their players.  All HLC coaches will adhere to the principles of PCA and players/families should expect an extremely positive, encouraging and safe environment for their sons and daughters regardless of their playing experience or ability.  If, for any reason, you feel a coach is not adhering to these principles please contact the Vice President for girls or boys to discuss.  

Why did Hopkinton form a lacrosse club?

Lacrosse in Hopkinton has grown significantly and we want to keep it growing!   In order to ensure we are providing the players and families in town with the best lacrosse experience possible the coaches collectively concluded the formation of a club was the best way to accomplish this goal.  This includes the ability to invest in things like new equipment (goalie gear, cones, balls, nets, etc), more practice time (indoor and outdoor) and the best insurance program possible.  The club, through it's board of directors, will also ensure a common coaching philosophy is employed for all teams and adheres to the principles of The Positive Coaching Alliance.  HLC is a registered non-profit organization.

Who is on the Board of Directors of HLC and what is their role?

The board of directors and officers were created to ensure that the lacrosse players and families of Hopkinton have best possible experience with the game of lacrosse, their coaches and teammates.  The 2023-2024 Board of Directors and officers consists of the following:

  • Nick Brown

  • Eric Buck - Boys VP

  • Bill Chapin - Treasurer

  • Melissa Davis

  • Sarah Kelsea - President

  • Emily Nichols - Girls VP

  • Melissa White

  • Michelle Severance - Secretary

  • Tyler Zapton

How is the HLC handling COVID-19 Safety?

HLC has adopted the following safety protocols and all players will need to meet these requirements to practice and play in 2024:

1. Families and athletes will complete a self-assessment of the COVID screening questions and will not participate in practice or games if they answer “Yes” to any of the following questions:

  1. Does the athlete have signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as fever above 100°, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle aches/pain, headache, fatigue, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, or a new loss of taste or smell
  2. Is the athlete required to isolate or quarantine based on the current CDC guidelines.

2. Coaches may ask an athlete to sit out at practice or a game if they observe symptoms listed in the COVID screening or if an athlete presents with a fever during temperature check.

3. All participants and spectators understand(s) that they will be required to be in accordance with mask use and social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC, NH DHHS and/or any facility we might use for practice or game play.

4. Athletes will bring their own water bottles and will not share food, beverages, or equipment.

If I have additional questions about HLC who should I contact?

If you have any additional questions about HLC please email and a member of the board of directors will promptly reply.